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Want to Tone Your Bottom Without Weights? Try Body Weight Squats

Filed in Articles, Fitness by on 11/16/2014 Comments • views: 5044

Body Weight Squat Mix 2Want to tone your bottom ( glutes) and legs without using weights? Try body weight squats. No weights, equipment or gym required. Here are a few benefits of body weight squats:

▪ Tones glutes
▪ Builds leg muscles
▪ Burns calories- Muscle burns calories. Leg muscles are the largest of the body and have the potential to burn a large number of calories.

HOW TO DO: Stand with feet at shoulder’s width with knees slightly bent. Place hands on side of head and contract abs. This is the starting position. Lower yourself until your knees are at/near a 90 degree angle. Return to the starting position. That is 1 rep. Do 3 sets: Set 1- 5 reps; Set 2- 4 reps; Set 3- 3 reps. Keep abs contracted through out the exercise.

Add body weight squats to your workout regimen. Your bottom will thank you for it!

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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