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Body Under Construction Testimonials

“Sloan, I want to let you know that my husband and I read your book cover to cover and already have it stained on a few pages with tomatoe paste. We have thoroughly enjoyed your recipes and made chili for our son and his  fraternity at U of I. We had turkey burgers for dinner tonight on whole wheat bread and have been slowwwly changing our habits. We have our exercise balls and are getting some good abdominal work in. We removed all sugar and white flour from our diet and are drinking our water (with lemon or orange slices) all day long. I would love to promote your book. It is fun. It is inspiring. It is filled with hope for the average Joe (or Joan for that matter). I’m nibbling on a few walnuts now (a few). Great advice on drinking water before a meal. I am loving, loving, loving this “reconstruction.”

— Joan O’Malley

“I’ve lost 32 pounds since reading Body Under Construction! Thx BUC!”

— James Jordan

“I loveeeeeeeeeee the book Body Under Construction, I have read it twice and have been very successful. As of today I have lost 25 pounds, Sloan is a great person too! I love the fact he answers all of his emails and offers great tips when you get in a runt. It’s like having your own personal trainer!!! The book has help me to really understand the life changes I am making. I can’t wait to get his new book!! I hope to be 100 pounds lighter by my birthday in March.Wish Me luck. Ps. If you are a beginner in learning how to eat right and exercise this is the book for you!!!!”

— Nicole Jackson

“I’ve battled with diabetes. Body Under Construction emphasized the importance of reading labels on food packages. Now, I read food labels and have learned how to avoid “THE 7” ingredients that can contribute to weight gain. BUC provides an easy to remember mnemonic, “FATHAMR”, to identify the ingredients to avoid . As a result of reading the labels and exercising, my glucose levels have gone down. Thank you BUC!”

— Pat Powell

“Excellent book!! I have found this book to be very informative. Mr. Luckie does a great job explaining nutrition and maintaining one’s health and body. BUC covers exercises and talks about eating the right foods and it also uses a lots of example and demonstrations that are very helpful. This book is very easy to understand. GREAT JOB! I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to make positive changes.”

— Linda Johnson

“Since reading Body Under Construction, my sleep has improved. At 83 years old, I’ve learned much more about my body through Body Under Construction.”

— Ethel Phillips

“For me this book offered ideal suggestions on healthy meals to eat on a regular basis. I was able to find great ideas. I am not a breakfast person, so the breakfast smoothie was ideal for me. I found myself every Sunday in the kitchen blending myself a picture of Smoothie for the week. This was my “breakfast on the go”. It was filling, tasty and more importantly, healthy. I think this book is great for anyone that is looking to change their lifestyle. We often want to do better, but we just don’t know how. This book will provide guidance for anyone at any age. This book provides direction.”

— Michelle Rainer

“I found Body Under Construction very helpful. It made me get started with a plan that I could creat for myself that makes since to me. I needed a jump start and this was it. BUC disclosed things about myself that was keeping me from reaching my own goal.

— Yvonne Roberts

“There are many things about this book that are impressive: the very literal embodiment of its principles in the author (see pictures), the clarity of its message, and the sincerity of the author. Sloan Luckie has written a book that captures not only the basics of regaining optimal health and fitness, but the essence of what it takes to build or rebuild a life – commitment, consistency, adopting new habits, a positive outlook, and much, much more. This book has personally helped me obtain my health and fitness goals and I’ve shared it with many friends and family. This is more than a good read. It is roadmap to a healthier, happier, and longer life. Thank you, Sloan Luckie!”

— Patricia Faison

“I was lucky enough to attend one of Sloan’s presentations and purchased his book as a result. Body Under Construction is a great guide to managing your diet without “dieting” and illustrations that make exercises easy to follow.”

— Cheryl Bozich

“Body Under Construction puts it all into perspective. Improving your physical appearance comes not only from physical exercise, but from training your mind to eating healthier and enjoying the foods we choose to eat. This book walks you through that process of incorporating nutrient-rich foods and fitness tips to overcome disease and illness. I like that the author is realistic, as many don’t belong to expensive gyms. This book showed me how to use my own body, along with minimal equipment, to maximize my workouts. The layout is easy to follow, allowing people of all ages to follow the format.”

— Chere Freundt

“Being a 53 year old male it’s difficult to stay motivated to eat healthy, exercise and loose weight. Luckie’s book provides some great principles that can be used for a lifetime. It’s the first book on this subject that I didn’t pack up and put away in the basement. I’m losing some weight, getting better sleep and feeling a lot better physically and mentally while I’m under construction”

— Steve Smalls

“Best wishes from two of your biggest fans! BUC IS working.”

— Dion and Sharon Fleming

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