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Chill out with Chili

Chill out with Chili

Filed in Fitness, Food, General, Nutrition by on 03/30/2015 Comments • views: 1955

Looking for a great tasting easy-to-make nutritious meal? Prepare a hot bowl of chili. Chili is a great source of: ▪ Protein ▪ Fiber ▪ Iron ▪ Antioxidants Here is how to prepare a great tasting bowl of chili: Brown 99% lean ground turkey. Add black beans and tomato paste. Add diced tomatoes, bell peppers, […]


Give Your Body A “Shemitah Workout” views: 4316

My workouts consist of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Circuit Training. The combination of these exercise methods (along with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep) has enabled me to burn fat, torch calories, build muscle and maintain six-pack abs over the years.   However, as I’ve aged I’ve noticed that there’s been an increase in muscle strains. These muscle […]

Mind Over Body views: 3829

It’s that time of year when many say to themselves ‘this year I’m gonna’ get and stay in shape!’ They proceed to purchase the latest exercise equipment, a monthly meal plan and/or a sleep aid with the genuine intention of getting in shape. But as months (or even weeks) pass, their wellness ebullience dissipates. The […]

Bosu Push-Up views: 7025

Want to strength your core (abs and lower back)? Want to tone your upper body (arms, chest and abs)? The Bosu Push-Up is for you! It’s a great exercise that can improve your core (and balance) and give you the upper body of your dreams! Here’s how you do it: Place the Bosu on domed-side. […]

How to Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep views: 3872

High quality, uninterrupted sleep (preferably seven to eight hours) plays a critical role in losing weight, attaining optimal health and getting the body of your dreams. High quality sleep promotes: Appetite control Energy improvement Stress reduction Maximum production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle A willingness to exercise To consistently get high quality sleep, you […]

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