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Sweet Potato Fries: A Healthy, Delicious Side Dish

Filed in Food, Nutrition by on 03/26/2017 Comments • views: 1716

Looking for a healthy, delicious side with your lunch or dinner? Go with sweet potato fries!


  • Beta Carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A (a free-radical fighting antioxidant).
  • Vitamin C for improved immunity.
  • Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant.

How to Prepare:

You can make sweet potato fries at home in three easy steps:

  • Purchase raw sweet potatoes and slice them into fries.
  • Season to taste with turmeric, iodized sea salt, black pepper, and/or other spices.
  • Oven-bake the sweet potato fries instead of frying them to maintain the maximum nutritional benefits.

Alternatively, You can purchase ready-made all-natural sweet potato fries. Be sure to read the label and avoid breaded, cheesy, artificially flavored and/or artificially colored fries.

It’s best to consume sweet potato fries as a side for lunch or dinner on the days you workout (particularly if you workout in the afternoon or evening). On days you don’t workout, however, consume a non-carb side with your meal. Using this carb-cycling technique will provide your body with the energy it needs during your workout (or as a part of muscle recovery after) and contribute to unveiling your six-pack abs.

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