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Sleep Preparation

Filed in Sleep by on 01/24/2016 Comments • views: 2564

Black woman sleepingGetting 7-8 hours of high quality sleep is an integral part of optimal health. A good night’s sleep provides the following health benefits:

  • Appetite control
  • Energy improvement
  • Stress reduction
  • Production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle
  • Optimal performance during exercise

Sleep preparation plays a critical role in getting good shut-eye. To determine your sleep preparation time, count back 7-8 hours from wake-up time. This is the recommended bedtime. Set your cell phone or clock alarm 1 hr. ahead of bedtime to determine your sleep preparation time. During your sleep preparation time, begin to prepare for sleep by:

  • Wrapping up computer work
  • Powering down electronic and mobile devices
  • Heading toward bedroom
  • Diming lights

Be sure to turn your cell phone off before bedtime. The light from mobile and electronic devices can disrupt sleep-promoting melatonin.

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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