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SL Life Lessons: Under Construction

Filed in Inspiration by on 04/30/2017 Comments • views: 1690

There are times, following a difficult work day, that I walk through the magnificent city of Chicago to give my mind and body the opportunity to decompress. During one particular stroll, I came across an empty lot surrounded by a fence. On the fence hung a huge sign that contained bold, black letters that read “Under Construction.”

After several weeks had passed, I’d pass the lot to find workers had already dug a huge whole the size of a city block and begun to lay the foundation.

I’d pass the lot several months later and noticed the framing of the building was complete and workers setting the steel facade and windows in place.

After about a year, I’d pass the lot and find a beautiful, fully functional edifice.

Passing by the construction site periodically, made it seem as if the building was constructed overnight. On the other hand, if I’d sat at the site daily and incessantly watched the building being constructed, the construction process would’ve seemed to take a longer period of time.

Most of us are “Under Construction” in some form. Whether it’s building a healthier body, pursuing a college education, developing a new business, advancing in ones career or reinventing ones self. It’s important not to incessantly look for instant results during the “construction” process. It will make it seem as if the process is taking longer than it actually is. Instead, focus your energy on doing what is necessary to build your “edifice”. Whether you notice it or not in the short term, each building block you lay will eventually lead to attaining your goal.


Portions of this article are excerpts from the book, Body Under Construction.

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