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SL Life Lessons: Starve Your Fears

Filed in Inspiration by on 11/20/2016 Comments • views: 1819

fearBefore a boxing match, there’s a weigh-in of the two opponents. Some boxers, who are overweight, often starve themselves to make the contracted weight limit. Boxers that do this become dehydrated, their bodies look sickly and their faces gaunt. As a result of starving himself, a boxer enters the fight physically weak and can be easily overpowered by his opponent.

One of our greatest opponents is fear. Our minds often focus on things we fear. Fears get so built up in our minds that they seem real though the thing we’re fearful of hasn’t occurred and may never happen. But we feed these fears by giving them place in our minds. The fears become so strong that they overpower us, causing us mental and physical stress.

Instead of feeding our fears, we should starve them. Don’t allow the fears to occupy our thoughts. When thoughts of fear come, don’t react to them or add scenarios to them. Instead, ignore them or think of something more positive. By starving our fears, they (like the boxer who starves himself to make weight) become weak and we can overpower them.

Will Smith’s character in “After Earth” said the following about fear: “…fear is being afraid of something that doesn’t exist…something in the future that hasn’t happened…fear is a form of insanity.”

The next time you have a fearful thought, don’t feed (into) it. Instead, starve your fears. Then you can overpower your fears instead of your fears overpowering you.

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