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SL Life Lessons: Passion, the Key to Perseverance

Filed in Inspiration by on 03/26/2017 Comments • views: 2693

Have you ever wondered what drives a person to persevere in the face of heart-wrenching rejection, repeated failure and (in some cases) persecution in the pursuit of their dreams?

We often forget what men and women persevered (in many cases, over long periods of time) before attaining their dreams. For example, Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors of our time, persevered years of rejections before becoming a world famous actor including rejection when he auditioned for the role of “Sonny” in the critically acclaimed movie, The Godfather. Steve Harvey often shares how he persevered living out of his van for years as he pursued his dream of becoming a successful comedian. Julia Roberts, one of the strongest female actresses at the box office, persevered years of rejection often being described by Hollywood big shots as being “…too trailer park…” when auditioning for roles early in her career. Martin Luther King (and many who marched with him) persevered tremendous persecution in his pursuit for equal rights for all people. One of the underlying traits those listed above have in common: passion.

According Merriam-Webster, passion is “…intense, driving, overmastering, overpowering feeling, emotion or conviction…any intense emotion that prevents reflection…” A long time friend colloquially defined passion as “…the energy that fuels you to keep moving forward despite the obstacles that lay in your path…”

We must uncompromisingly hold on to our passion. It’s the key to persevering the myriad of obstacles that have the potential to keep us from attaining our dreams.


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