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SL Life Lessons: Focus on the Unseen

Filed in Inspiration by on 02/28/2016 Comments • views: 2128

EyesWhen I train a woman or man to attain their weight goals, they’re often shocked when I instruct them not to look at their bodies in the mirror or weigh themselves on a daily basis. Focusing on what they currently see in the mirror or numbers on a scale can result in discouragement and ultimately cause them to quit when it appears their goals aren’t being attained. What most don’t realize is that, though they can’t see instant results with the naked eye, every workout consistently completed, exercise performed, healthy meal consumed and hour of high quality sleep attained is helping them to attain their wellness goals. I encourage them to focus on the unseen. To periodically close their eyes and “see” themselves at the weight and with the body they desire.

Many of us are on personal journeys. Some journeys are affiliated with attaining weight goals while others involve career objects or living a life long dream. During those times when it appears nothing is being accomplished despite our hard work, dedication and sacrifice, we can become discouraged. Instead of focusing on what we see with the naked eye, we should periodically close our eyes and “see” ourselves not where we are, but where we desire to be.

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