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SL Life Lessons: Focus on Execution, Not Outcome

Filed in Inspiration by on 07/30/2017 Comments • views: 2506

In last year’s Super Bowl I watched in amazement as Tom Brady led the Patriots to a historic come from behind victory. The Patriots were behind a couple of touchdowns early in the game and the Falcons had momentum. The chances of the Patriots winning seemed virtually impossible. However, Tom Brady and his teammates never seem to panic. I never noticed them staring at the scoreboard that disclosed that they were behind and that time was ticking away. If they had focused on the scoreboard, the fear of losing would’ve distracted them from executing the plays necessary to win.

Instead of focusing on the scoreboard, Tom Brady and his teammates focused on executing one play, one first down and one touchdown at a time. Their ability to focus on executing each play, in the face of adversity, led to their desired outcome of becoming Super Bowl champs.

We can apply this principle to everyday life. For example, when we are trying to lose weight, we shouldn’t stare at our physiques in the mirror everyday. Instead we should focus on execution: eating healthier meals, maintaining a consistent exercise regimen and getting high quality sleep. If we are pursuing a college or other advanced degree, we shouldn’t focus on the fact that it will take four (or more) years to attain the degree. Instead we should focus on execution: registering for class, taking one semester at a time, passing one class at a time.

Focusing on execution is catalytic to producing the desired outcome.

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