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SL Life Lessons: Don’t Focus on the Mountain

Filed in Inspiration by on 08/27/2016 Comments • views: 2640

MontainI’ve competitively climbed the stairs of some of the tallest towers in the U.S. After finishing a 102-flight Freedom Tower stair climb in 20 minutes, a young lady noticing my results said “Wow…you did that in great time! Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” I replied. ” So, what’s your secret?” She asked. She intensely awaited my answer as if expecting a clandestine fitness tip that I hadn’t revealed to anyone else. Instead, I smiled and said “…I don’t focus on the flight numbers on the stair case walls. If I do, the 102 flights of stairs will appear daunting…it may distract, discourage and/or overwhelm me. I prefer to focus on each stair. Besides, I can only get to the top by taking one stair at a time…”


Many of us face challenges that seem like steep mountains we must climb. When we focus on these mountainous challenges, we can become discouraged and/or overwhelmed. The challenges can appear insurmountable and daunting and blind us from seeing the potential we possess to overcome. Instead of focusing on the mountain, we must focus on taking the first step…then another…then another after that. Besides, we can’t reach the top of the mountain without taking that first step.


Don’t focus on the mountain, focus on the next step forward. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back and down the mountain that you’ve over come.

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