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SL Life Lessons: Discipline

Filed in Inspiration by on 09/04/2017 Comments • views: 3514

There are times when I’m excited about starting my work out and getting my sweat and “burn on”.

Many assume, however, that I always feel like working out. They’re amazed when I share that there are times when I, like many of them, don’t feel like exercising. What pushes me through times when I say to myself ‘…I’ll do it tomorrow…’ or ‘…I don’t feel like working out today…’? Discipline.

There are many definitions of discipline. Here are just a couple:

“Training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental faculties…”- Merriam-Webster

“Doing what you know you should do after the feeling [excitement] of it has worn off…”- Rabbi Kirk Schneider

My definition of discipline is doing something (that’s typically good for you) even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Discipline isn’t developed over night. It’s developed over time by constantly doing what you should do, even when you don’t feel like it. When that small voice in your head says ‘…I’ll do it tomorrow…’ or ‘…I don’t feel like it today…’, say ‘NO!’ to that voice and do it anyway. The more you push through the feelings and say ‘No!’ to that “small voice”, the stronger your discipline becomes.

When you don’t feel like exercising to get the body of your dreams, preparing for an exam that ultimate leads to a college degree, or working diligently on a project that can bring a life long dream to pass, push beyond that feeling and do it anyway. By doing so, you’ll be exercising the discipline necessary to achieve your goals and dreams.

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