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Quick Guide To Body Under Construction

Filed in Food, General, Nutrition, Uncategorized by on 01/10/2013 Comments • views: 2509

If you’ve purchased the paperback or eBook of Body Under Construction, here is a helpful quick guide.

  • What, When and How to Eat: Preface to Chapter 2 — pay  particular attention to “Read The Label and Avoid The 7” on pp. 4-5 and “BUC Art of Eating”  bullet points on pp. 19-21. Review the BUC Art of Eating once per week to assure consistent application of BUC nutrition principles.
  • A Fitness Adventure: Chapter 3, pp. 31-46; 66-82. Perform the Segment 1 for 12 weeks  before adding other Fitness Adventure exercises. The calorie-burning exercises included in Segment 1 will assist in building your confidence, conditioning and upper and lower body strength. Review the Pre-Fitness Adventure Tips on pp. 32-33 once a week. Review Fig. 1-11 and 29-42 biweekly to assure use of proper form and technique.
  • Sleep: Chapter 4 — Pay particular attention to tips on how to get 7-8 hours of high quality sleep per night.
  • How to transition to a lifestyle of optimal health: Chapter 5

Remember, be patient with yourself as you build your body edifice and don’t give up! You can do it!

If you haven’t purchased Body Under Construction, get your paperback or eBook today!

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