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Push Ups, the Exercise That’s Stood the Test of Time

Filed in Fitness by on 02/28/2016 Comments • views: 2426

SLOAN LUCKIESLOAN LUCKIEMany fad exercises have come and gone. But there is one that has stood the test of time. The push-up.

Push-ups provide many fitness benefits including:

  • Tones arms, chest and upper body
  • Strengthens core (abs and lower back area)

Here’s how you do a push up:

  1. Place palms on the floor at shoulders width.
  2. Extend legs behind you so your body forms a straight line.
  3. Contract abs and glutes. This is the starting position.
  4. Take 3 seconds to lower body until elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Pause for 1 second. Take 1 second to raise body to the starting position. That is one rep.

Do 3 sets: Set 1- 6 reps. Set 2-5 reps. Set 3- 4 reps. Focus on maintaining proper form and technique and add more reps every two weeks.

Though women can do standard push-ups, an effective alternative is performing the exercise in a bent knee position with the soles of your feet facing upward.

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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