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Pull-Up Knee-Raise

Filed in Fitness by on 08/27/2016 Comments • views: 6819

Want a body-toning, calorie-burning exercise that will sculpt your upper body? Try the Pull-Up Knee-Raise.Pull Up Knee Raise Combo

The Pull-Up Knee-Raise provides many fitness benefits including:

  • Sculpts back muscles
  • Strengthens arms
  • Tones abs

Here’s how you do a the Pull-Up Knee-Raise:

  1. Position your hands on the chin-up bar slightly wider than shoulders width, your palms facing away from your body and contract your abs. Your body should be hanging with your feet off the floor. This is the starting position.
  2. While contracting your abs, take 1 second to raise your body until your chin is above the bar.
  3. Hold this position and raise your knees toward your chest. Then lower your knees while keeping your chin above the bar. Then take 3 seconds to lower your body to the starting position. That is one rep.

Do 3 sets: Set 1- 6 reps. Set 2-5 reps. Set 3- 4 reps. Focus on maintaining proper form and technique and add more reps every week.

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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