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Popcorn: A Healthy Great Tasting Snack

Filed in Food, General, Nutrition by on 01/11/2015 Comments • views: 2823

SLOAN LUCKIEIf you are searching for a healthy great tasting snack, give popcorn a try. The benefits of popcorn include:
• Great taste.
• High fiber to assist satiety.
• Appease salt cravings.
• Great snack to minimize hunger between meals.
• Light bedtime snack that may assist sleep quality.

Here is how you prepare a great tasting batch of popcorn:
▪ Pour canola oil in 3 qtr pot/sauce pan. Allow oil to heat at low/medium flame.
▪ Put a few whole grain kernels in pot. Once kernels pop, add more to pot and cover.
▪ Move pot/pan back/forth across burner.
▪ Add iodized sea salt to promote thyroid health. You can also add healthy spices such as garlic or turmeric
which have cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits, respectively.

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