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BUC Personal Training

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Do you want to tear down the curtain of fat concealing your abs or “six-pack”? Lose weight in order to fit that dress you’ve purchased but have never been able to wear? Reduce your waist size to fit those favorite jeans you haven’t worn in years? Improve overall fitness and conditioning to participate in sports and activities that you enjoyed 10+ years ago? Do you want to feel more energized and self- confident? Reduce stress and risk to cancer, heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses?

The BUC training programs are for you!

The Body Under Construction (BUC) Optimal Nutrition and Fitness Adventure Training Program will assist the everyman and woman in attaining and maintaining optimal health while lowering risk to chronic illnesses. Body Under Construction provides a safe, time efficient, highly effective nutrition and fitness program for all fitness levels. From beginners interested in losing weight and attaining optimal fitness to advanced trainees interested in taking their fitness to the next level.

All BUC Fitness Adventure Training Programs include:

  • A customized Fitness Adventure that uses a combination of calorie-burning, ever-changing exercises to lose weight, attain fitness goals and keep you from getting bored with a work-out routine.
  • Anaerobic training, including strength and resistance exercises, to improve upper and lower body strength
  • Aerobic training to strength the cardiovascular system and improve overall conditioning Core training to improve balance
  • Emphasis on proper exercise form and technique
  • Gradual yet significant steps to assist in building fitness into a lifestyle
  • Regular feedback throughout the BUC training program to assure optimal results

All BUC Optimal Nutrition Training Programs include:

  • A customized 7-day per week Optimal Nutritional plan to lose weight, reduce waist size, tear down the curtain of fat concealing your abs, and lower risk to chronic illnesses
  • Various methods to trick your body into feeling full to reduce the risk of overeating
  • Gradual yet significant steps to assist in building healthy nutrition into a lifestyle
  • Complimentary metabolic assessment, body composition analysis, and health history evaluation, will result in a customized BUC training program and assist in attaining and maintaining weight and overall fitness goals.

ISSA Certification LogoSloan J. Luckie, founder of Body Under Construction, LLC, is a certified personal trainer who has a passion for nutrition and fitness. He is the author of Body Under Construction: How to Build and Maintain Optimal Health at Any Age. He has assisted many men and women in attaining and maintaining their fitness goals through personal training and the nutrition and fitness guide provided in his book.

Sloan will be encouraging, inspiring, and motivating you throughout the Under Construction process as you build your body edifice.

Consult your healthcare provider before commencing a nutrition or fitness program.

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