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SL Life Lessons: Faith Uninterrupted by Time

Filed in Inspiration by on 01/24/2016 Comments • views: 2175


HourglassWhen a farmer plants seeds, the farmer’s act of planting is evidence of his or her faith that the seeds will produce a crop. The seeds planted don’t produce crop overnight. Some crop takes years to produce. In spite of the amount of time, the farmer will continue to nurture what he or she has planted by regularly watering, fertilizing and using other agricultural techniques to promote the development of the crop. The farmer has such faith that the seeds he or she has planted and nurtured will produce a crop that time becomes inconsequential. The farmer’s faith is uninterrupted by time.

When we have dreams that we want to come to fruition, we plant the “seeds” of our time, finances, talents and/or abilities to bring the dream to pass. Our actions to bring the dream to fruition are evidence of our faith. Some dreams may take years to become a reality. Yet, similar to the farmer, we must continue to have faith that the seeds we’ve planted will produce despite how long it takes for the dream to come to fruition.

As each of us plants the seeds of our own dreams, we must not focus on time. Doing so may interrupt our faith, causing us to give up on the dream before it has produced. Instead, we must become so utterly and unconditionally focused on nurturing the seeds of our dreams that time becomes inconsequential. We must have faith that, despite the passing of time, the “seeds” we’ve planted will bring our dreams to fruition. Our faith must be uninterrupted by time.

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