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Is Your Kitchen In-Shape?

Filed in Articles, Nutrition by on 09/08/2014 Comments • views: 3613

There is an old nutrition adage, “ if a food is in your possession or located in your residence, you will eventually eat it.” Many of us eat Kitcheninshapeunhealthy foods because they are ever present in our kitchens. One way to reduce the risk of eating unhealthy foods is to whip your kitchen into shape by replacing unhealthy foods with healthier choices.

An in-shape kitchen would include foods such as:

▪ Fruits
▪ Vegetables
▪ Salmon
▪ Skinless chicken breast
▪ Extra-lean beef
▪ Bell peppers
▪ Eggs
▪ Beans
▪ Whole oats
▪ Quinoa
▪ Nuts
▪ Olive or Canola oil
▪ Green tea
▪ Sweet potatoes

An out-of-shape kitchen would include foods such as:

▪ Potato chips
▪ Soft drinks
▪ Sausage and other fatty meats
▪ “Low-fat” or “reduced-fat” cookies
▪ White bread
▪ White rice
▪ Crackers
▪ Candy
▪ Chocolates
▪ Granola bars
▪ Cake mix
▪ Frozen dinners
▪ Margarine
▪ Baked goods

Does your kitchen mostly contain foods from the in-shape list? Outstanding! Your kitchen is in-shape. Does your kitchen mostly contain foods from the out-of-shape list? Don’t fret. As you shop for groceries, begin to replace the foods from the out-of-shape kitchen list with those from the in-shape kitchen.

Get your kitchen in-shape and you’ll be on your way to a healthier you!

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