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Interval Training, The Ultimate Plateau Buster

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SLOAN LUCKIEAre you exercising but not losing weight or getting the tone muscles you desire? Does it seem like you can’t get the body you want despite how long you workout? You may have reached a fitness plateau. Your body has become accustomed to an exercise making the exercise ineffective.

A solution to breaking through a fitness plateau is interval training. It consist of changing the pace of an exercise. It can be applied to almost any cardio exercise including running, biking, and jumping rope. Some of the benefits of interval training include:
▪ Burns calories
▪ Torches fat
▪ Builds cardio
▪ Develops conditioning
▪ Requires less time
▪ Obliterates fitness and weight plateaus

Here’s how a 15-minute interval training exercise works:
▪ Minute 0-1: Slow pace
▪ Minute 1-3: Slightly faster pace
▪ Minute 3-4: Slow pace
▪ Minute 4-6: Faster Pace
▪ Continue to alternate slow and faster paces for the remainder of the exercise.

Use interval training to break through fitness plateaus and take your body to new heights.

Click video for example of 5-minute interval training run.

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