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Eggs: A Healthy Easter Food

Filed in Articles, Food, General, Nutrition by on 04/07/2014 Comments • views: 3822

It’s that time of year when kids decorate Easter eggs. This small-shelled oval shaped food packs a nutritious punch. Here are some health benefits of eggs:

  • Great source of protein for muscle growth/repair and satiety.
  • Rich in Vitamin D which plays a role in calcium absorption to promote strong bones/teeth.
  • Excellent source of Omega-3 to promote heart health.
  • Great source of B12, essential to the production of red blood cells which carry energy promoting oxygen throughout the body.
  • Good source of Choline, which promotes brain health.
  • Solid source of tryptophan which promotes high quality sleep.
  • Source of antioxidants.

Choose Omega-3 eggs (produced by birds fed Omega-3-rich foods). Consume the egg white (a good source of protein ) and yolk ( a good source of Vitamin D and B12).  Happy Easter!

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