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Commercial Break: How to Burn Calories While Watching TV

Filed in General, Uncategorized by on 01/09/2013 Comments • views: 4408

Whether you are a man or woman watching a football game or Lifetime, get up and move during the duration of every other commercial. Watching TV for a long period of time can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, excessive sitting (which often comes with TV viewing) can increase your risk of heart disease.

Burn calories while you watch TV by taking an active commercial break. Here are some active commercial break options:

• Jumping jacks
• Squats
• Running in place
• Jumping Rope
• Dancing
• Or anything else that gets you moving

You also can alternate the exercises. For example, during one commercial do jumping jacks. Run in place for the next commercial, and so on. Alternating the exercises can assist you in burning even more calories!

Remember, the body was designed to move.

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