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Bosu Toss & Catch

Filed in Fitness by on 06/24/2017 Comments • views: 2574

Want to tone your legs and glutes, develop your arms, sculpt six-pack abs and strengthen your core?

Try the Bosu Toss & Catch.

Here’s how you do the exercise:

  • Stand on the domed side of a Bosu ball with feet with in shoulders width and abs contracted.
  • Lower your body until your knees are at a 90-degree angle.
  • As you raise your body to the starting position, toss the ball in the air and catch it. That is one rep.

Do 3 sets: Set 1- 6 reps. Set 2-5 reps. Set 3- 4 reps.

For optimal fitness results, balance exercise with healthy nutrition and high quality sleep.

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