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A Fitness Adventure

Filed in Articles by on 10/06/2013 Comments • views: 6463

Whether I’m training for a Got Chocolate Milk/Rock-N-Roll event, staying in shape or relieving stress, I take my body on a Fitness Adventure. A Fitness Adventure entails only 3 workouts per week. It includes a series of calorie-burning bodyweight exercises that are constantly changing. Between each exercise, I take a 30-60 second active rest. An active rest can include jumping jacks, marching in place, dancing, etc.  The ever-changing exercises of a Fitness Adventure:

  • Burns calories
  • Tones muscle
  • Improves conditioning
  • Reduces the risk of plateauing (the body becoming accustomed to an exercise)

Here is an example of a Fitness Adventure:

  • Dynamic Stretching (3-5 min.)- a combination of movement and stretching to warm up the body.
  • Interval Run (6 min.)- change the pace during run; slow, fast, slow, faster, etc.
  • V-PAK- Variety Pak involves an upper body exercise (i.e. push-up) followed by a lower body exercise (i.e. body weight squat) with a 30-60 second active rest between. Pick and choose a V-PAK based on your level of fitness (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advance). See video for examples of V-PAK.
  • Interval Rope-A-Dope (5 min.)- Jump rope in intervals; slow, fast, slow, fast, etc.
  • Cool down (3-5min.)- perform static stretches.

Following my Fitness Adventure, I refuel with low-fat chocolate milk. It provides the body with calcium, Vitamin D, protein, electrolytes and other nutrients that assist with muscle recovery.

To reduce the risk of your workout becoming boring and ineffective, take your body on a Fitness Adventure.

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