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A Circuit Workout: 6 Reasons To Try It!

Filed in Articles, Fitness by on 08/04/2014 Comments • views: 3394

SLOAN LUCKIEDuring a book signing, a woman asked “ Do you workout everyday?” “No.” I responded. “As a father of two young boys and grandfather of one girl, I don’t have the time to work out everyday. I only workout three times per week. I do circuits.”

A circuit consists of two or more exercises done back-to-back with little rest between each exercise. Here are 6 reasons why you should try a circuit:

▪ It’s an efficient, time-saving workout
Unveils six-pack abs by lowering total body weight
Tones muscles
Builds upper and lower body
Torches calories
Burns fat

To get you started, try this upper/lower body circuit workout:
▪ Do 4 push-ups ( female or male version)
▪ Take a 30-60 second active rest
▪ Do 4 body weight squats
▪ Take a 30-60 second active rest

Do a second set of push-ups/body weight squats with 3 reps followed by a third set with 2 reps with an active rest between each exercise. During the 30-60 second active rest, you should be moving in some capacity ( i.e. marching in place, jumping jacks, dancing, etc.). Because a circuit is a full-body workout, there is no need to workout daily. 3 times per week should suffice.

Check out video for example of a circuit.

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